Why you should spend your vacation in Kerala!!!

By   October 6, 2016

The ancient city Kerala is famous for its breath taking natural beauty and many more things. It is a tropical land, situated in the south India. Kerala has some marvelous tourist spots, and its unique tradition and culture attract the visitors and tourists all over the world most. A visitor can explore many things at one destination. It has hill region, mountains, beaches, backwater, wildlife, rich culture, exotic cuisine, museums, etc. many things has made the Kerala a prime tourist city in India. A significant number of travelers visit Kerala just to see the natural scenic beauty of Kerala.

When people want to visit a place, they think about different destinations. If you want to visit your family, you have to look for the individual choices of every family member. Some may like the hill region while some other may like the sand and beaches. Some also have the interest in historical places. If you want to travel with your friends, the same case may happen with you. If you want to take your beloved one, you must know his or her choices if they have any special preferences or not. The best thing about choosing Kerala for traveling is Kerala has everything which attracts any visitors. From the ancient historical culture to the scenic beauty, everything is present here. So before making up your mind for visiting any other places over Kerala, you should have a look what Kerala has?


There are many tourist places in Kerala. You have to stay there few days to explore the beauty of the Kerala. To know why you should pay a visit to the Kerala is mentioned below:

Tourists are attracted more by the exotic beaches of the Kerala. Most of the people who want to travel a city want a sea beach for relaxing and passing a very good time. You can spend quality time on the beaches of Kerala. The beauty of the sea beaches with the coconut trees all around will blow your mind inevitably and make your travel memorable.

After beach, people want to visit the hill stations and mountains. Most of the places of the world are blessed with either beach or hill region. But Kerala is blessed with both. It has both hill tracks, mountains, and beaches. So when you get bored seeing the beaches you can spend time on climbing the mountains.

Kerala is not only famous for its mountains and beaches. You will see the rich cultural attributes everywhere you go in Kerala. The different architectural sites, waterfalls, boathouse, light house, museum, festivals, cuisine, shopping, attire, jewelry, etc. things attract the tourists more. The people of the Kerala are also very simple and do not harm any tourist in their city. You will find peace if you go to that nice and beautiful city. So if you have made your mind to visit Kerala, it would be the most beautiful decision you have made in your entire life and you will certainly enjoy every second of your experience in Kerala.