Visiting the Ba Na Hills in Da Nang

Ba Na Hills is one of the best places to visit in Da Nang that tourists cannot miss. When coming here, you will not only enjoy the beauty of natural sceneries but also enjoy the excellent entertainment services and significant spiritual tourism.

About 25 kilometers from Da Nang to the Southwest, at an altitude of 1487meters over sea level, Ba Na Hills is considered as “green lung” of the Central and “the pearl of climate” of Vietnam. Make sure you check out the visa requirements for visiting Vietnam.

Here, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature, of mountains and forests by cable car. Ba Na cable car was built in accordance with standards of the Association of European cable. Full line cable are has 22 pillars, 94 cabins, capacity for 1,500 passengers / hour, 6 meters / second. According to Association of World Cable, Ba Na Hills cable car has set two Guinness World record: the longest one line cable car in the world and the longest elevation between upper station and under station.Ba Na Hills – best place to visit in Da Nang

Panorama of Ba Na Mount is considered as a perfect picture when seeing from the cabin of cable car. Sitting on cable cabin, visitors will have an opportunity to contemplate majestic and breathtaking beauty of mountains, forests and waterfalls. Pristine forests, large canopy of trees, flocks of butterflies flying and wind blowing will bring tourists strange and adventurous feelings; you will feel like to be lost in the heaven.When coming to Ba Na Hills, you will feel like to be lost in the heaven.

The first thing that visitors cannot miss when coming Ba Na Hills is comfortable feelings. You will feel cool, refreshed or even surprised because you can play in the clouds. No shops, no cafes, no night markets … is one of the many differences compared to other amusement parks. Here only has the services that visitors need; all are spread over a wide ground. While eating lunch, you can contemplate the breathtaking beauty of mountains and forests; this is an interesting and wonderful thing when coming to Ba Na Hills.

Dubbed as Dalat or Sapa of the Central, Ba Na Hills is one of the best places to visit in Da Nang that a lot of domestic and international tourists every year.

In addition to Ba Na Hills, Da Nang also has many other wonderful destinations, you can refer to “Exploring the beauty of Da Nang“.

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